Friday, May 7, 2010

Mid Year Resolutions

     So , I think that Grant and I are finally starting to get into the health groove again. We are ready to lose some weight. We've always been ready, but this time, I have extra motivation that is pushing me.... you'll find out about that later.

     A few weeks ago, my back pain came back and I went to a chiropractor. I was disgusted as he sat there and looked me over and asked me about my eating and exercise habits... especially since I know better and I've worked really hard in the past to lose the weight before. Things have just gotten out of hand. So, here and there, I've started to make little changes... fighting the urge to get that beloved breakfast burger at Carl's Jr on Monday mornings and have yogurt and granola instead, and eat more fruit for example.

     Talking with my chiropractor at our weekly meetings, which is heavenly b/c he has this massive back massager thing he uses for a super long time and I wish it could go on forever, has sort of gotten my head back in the game slowly but surely.

     My problem with losing the weight again is that I LOVE food. I LOVE FOOD! It's amazing, everything about all foods... I just think about it all the time. My family has experienced my love of food as I daydream about it around them... they get a good laugh out of it, but I am serious in my daydreaming. Food is so wonderful! And because of this love for food, I have a hard time telling myself that I have to stop eating it to lose weight. So I tell myself that I will just have to have a balanced diet, in which I don't completely exclude those delicious yummies from my diet. However, I forget how often I let myself indulge in the yummies... and end up indulging quite often.

     This made me realize that I need to go back to writing everything I eat down. Some are skeptical of this actually working, and I understand, it might not work for everyone, even my Chiropractor was skeptical of it actually helping. But for me, it really helped. The main reason it helped was that we had to show our journals to the others in our Weight Loss class, and that was motivation enough. There was no way I was going to be the one to show up with cookies and sweets all over my journal. But even after the class ended... I continued to write in my journal what I ate at every meal, and it helped me keep myself accountable.

     So, today, after I made a big breakfast full of protein for the hike that Grant and I are going to attempt this afternoon, I pulled out my old journal and wrote down everything I ate this week. My last entry was May 1st, 2009, so I'm picking up exactly where I left off last year. Then I looked through everything I ate during that time... interesting. When I stopped writing, things started getting out of hand.

     I know this entry isn't a recipe with pictures, but it is about food.
     I've been encouraged by many lately to get back into my recipe blogging, and hopefully I'll be more motivated to do it from now on. This might just turn into my journey as I'm trying to lose weight while I battle my internal desire to still enjoy the wonderful foods of this world to create a balanced lifestyle.

     I love food too much to deprive myself of delicious cheesecake, double bacon cheeseburgers, chips and salsa, or sausage.


Sandra Rose Hughes said...

How great for you! I totally believe in writing everything down. It puts things into perspective so well. In fact, I need to get back into it myself.

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