Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Okay, I don't think that my little cooking heart could be happier right now!

Look at this super duper adorable Play Kitchen! oooo, be still my heart!
Here's the crazy part... it was made from a small dresser... yup! a dresser! Craziness right?!
I can't wait until Abby is older and she can help me cook in the kitchen... I just hope I have the patience to let her help me! She will be a chef one day... in my dreams of course...


Anonymous said...

Finally got on your Green Megs & Ham Blog. It is fabulous. One of the best blogs I've ever seen. Great photos, recipes and chatter.
You must be a super organized, high energy Mom to be able to keep this up to date AND raise Abby.
This kitchen is too, too cute!
Did you make it????
I suppose people tell you everyday you have the brightest smile on the WHOLE planet?
Aunt Susie

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